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In October 2018, Tyndall Air Force Base was severely hit by Hurricane Michael. Situated near Panama City on the Florida Panhandle, Tyndall endured widespread devastation across the base, including damage to 100 percent of the homes located there. Imagine being displaced from your home, told your home may never again be inhabitable, and then informed you have to pay to replace all your property losses because you didn’t have renter insurance.

Or, what if you lost everything like Airman 1st Class Michael Lecik, whose rented home was taken out by a fire on Robins Air Force Base in Georgia? Because he and his wife hadn’t purchased renter insurance, they didn’t receive any money to help offset their more than $30,000 worth of property loss.

Are you seeing a trend here? The only silver lining that comes out of stories like these is the lesson of prevention. If you rent or live on base housing, buying a renter insurance policy could save you from financial ruin. Should a devastating property loss come your way, your wallet will thank you.

Learn more about renter insurance here and why military families need it.

What Is It

Since you don’t own the residence you live in, renter insurance protects the things you do own inside of it. From theft to water damage to fire to other natural disasters, there are so many ways your possessions can be damaged. There are also a number of scenarios where you or a guest could get injured inside your home. According to Armed Forces Insurance, a renter policy can provide coverage (up to the limits you select) for items and situations such as:

    • Personal property (furniture, electronics, clothing, etc.)
    • Personal liability if someone is hurt, to include legal expenses
  • Damage to your apartment or home caused by a covered loss

Why You Need It

For most of our military families, moving every few years is just another part of the ever-changing military lifestyle. Purging, packing, and planning for these moves has become second nature — and finding a new place to live is probably starting to feel like a hobby. Because active duty status makes it hard to predict the future, many of you choose to rent a home instead of purchase one. In the midst of all the decisions that come with this process, buying renter insurance shouldn’t be overlooked. Without it, what happened at Tyndall and Robins could happen to you.

Where to Get It

Renter insurance is not only a necessary investment for all families who rent, but also a financial sound one. The average cost of renter insurance is $15-$30 a month. To know how much it will cost you specifically will depend on your location and how much your personal possessions are worth. For assistance in this, check out Armed Forces Insurance Household Inventory Booklet.

AFI also offers a variety of coverage options. Learn why you should consider a policy with them in this guide to renter insurance.

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