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So you know we are huge advocates for military spouse employment. And being a real estate company, it’s only fitting that we think real estate is a great career option for military spouses. To help prove our point, we’ve put together a short list of traits that are important for both realtors and milspouses to possess.

NextGen MilSpouse put together a list of qualities in their post “How to Military Spouse like a boss.”  Those same qualities listed match up almost perfectly with the top traits of a real estate agent, given by

1. Determination

Military spouses don’t have an easy time. Between schedule changes, moves, and career struggles, milspouses are determined to stay the course, and rise above any challenges they face.  Real estate agents need to have the same determination to

2. Flexibility

We’ve already talked about the many moves milspouses face. That obviously means flexibility is a must.  Flexibility is necessary for real estate agents as well to navigate the world of crazy schedules and indecisive clients.

3. Commitment

It’s not easy marrying a service member.  But milspouses commit to it.  Real estate agents need to commit to their career as well because, hey, you get out what you put it.

4. Organizational Skills

Balancing all the logistics of a PCS is crazy.  It’s the same for multiple clients, home listings, and paperwork.  Organizational skills are essential for both military spouses and realtors.

5. Empathy

Military spouses go through so much- deployments, starting a career over, and juggling everything life throws at them.  This allows milspouses to understand the struggles others go through.  As a real estate agent, that empathy can help you see your client’s needs and understand the predicament they might be in.

There are so many qualities that military spouses posses that make them great people.  I could also go on for pages and pages about the qualities of great realtors.  This is just a taste of the qualities that each group possesses.



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