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Author: Jessica Manfre

As January ends and you turn your calendar page to February, you can’t escape love.
February brings you Valentine’s day; this means stores and homes filled with hearts, flowers,
and yes – love. While it is definitely a busy month for all things cupid – Caliber Home Loans had
a head start for the big day. This January they surprised an active duty military spouse with a
backyard makeover.

On January 1 st , 2020 Caliber began a yearlong partnership with Maria Reed, founder and
CEO of Moving with the Military. Moving with the Military is a television series celebrating
military families with surprise home makeovers. Reed is an Army spouse herself and seeks to
tell the stories of military families while bridging the divide between the civilian and military
world. Caliber saw this as a unique opportunity to give back to the military community and
spread a little, you guessed it – love.

January’s Caliber sponsored makeover was for Catherine Vandament, an Air Force
spouse. She was nominated due to her passion and commitment to serving others. For the past
few years, she has opened her home every Friday night to her neighborhood and nearby
military base for the sharing of a meal, conversation, and friendship. She does this through
utilizing a turquoise table, which is a movement that tells those who see that they are welcome.
It is an open invitation to pull up a seat and sit together in friendship and love. Vandament
believes strongly in the power of community – a belief Caliber deeply shares. According to
Senior Vice President Bryan Bergjans, this project demonstrates that Caliber intends to put their
money where their words are – into actions. He also stated that this was the perfect way for
Caliber to showcase their commitment to military families.

So, on a cold January morning, Reed and a few friends ambushed Vandament on camera
– with the help of her very supportive husband. She initially thought she was helping with a
separate makeover project, never guessing that she herself was going to receive the gift from
Caliber. She was in disbelief, shock, and at loss for words after being told she would be
receiving the backyard makeover. While Caliber absolutely wants to be your military mortgage
provider – even if they don’t have your business, they are going to pick up some tools and help
welcome you home.

Volunteers from Caliber, Caldwell Banker, and the local Scott Air Force Base came out in
droves after Vandament left her home in the capable hands of Reed and her team. Not only did
the community rally for this military family; the USO also wanted to join in on the fun and
support the makeover project for this Air Force family. They showed up with their mobile USO
food truck halfway through the day to feed the volunteers and brought smiles to all. The day
was filled with teamwork and a shared commitment to create something special that the
Vandament family would never forget.

By late afternoon fairy lights were twinkling above the volunteers making final touches.
The scene was set with a roaring fire, shimmering candles, and tables set for the beautiful
surprise. When the makeover was revealed to the family, the air was filled with happy tears,
sounds of awe, and laughter. It was a special moment; one Caliber was honored to sponsor for
the Vandament family. Caliber has received the Military Friendly® brand four years in a row for
their commitment to military families. Caliber was proud to be a part of this moment and to be
able to say: welcome home.

As we dive into this February, try and focus on the sentiment behind Valentine’s Day
instead of the annoyance at all things pink and red. Let us open our hearts to others and find
ways to love a little more. It isn’t the only loving day of the year – this big day also falls on
random act of kindness week! There are so many different ways you can positively impact your
community and spread the love. What are you waiting for?

Some ideas from Caliber on how you can give back this Valentine’s Day:

1. Volunteer for those in need
2. Use those heart filled cards you see in the stores to leave kind notes for
3. Help raise funds for your favorite charity
4. Donate your gently used items to your local Goodwill, Salvation Army, or shelter
5. Remember to thank those that serve by sending a care package to troops
deployed overseas

As a military family, you need home loans specific to your needs. You deserve a trusted home loan company that is committed to serving you. MilHousing Network is proud to partner with Caliber Home Loans, Inc. to bring military families mortgage options when buying a home. Contact them today at 855-202-1124 or visit to learn how they can support your unique military lifestyle.



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