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By Stefan Choquette

We’ve all been there right? We have our PCS notification in hand and still waiting for orders to publish. We’re 60 days or less from our household goods pack-out date. The kids are in school and there’s no way we’re going to be able to go house hunting before we show up.

Of all the insanity we endure during a PCS, making a decision on where you’re going to live for the next 3 years within just a few days of arriving in a new city is the most batty thing we do!

I’m coming up on my 9th PCS this year and after this last one my wife, Erin, and I had had enough, we needed a more succinct solution to finding a place to live. We’ve been told about tools from the Airmen and Family Readiness center that are often not up to date with listings, antiquated user experiences, and missing information. A few times we were able to find a local resource to find a home or rental, but we had to ask around before figuring out what the local resource might be. And the big national home listing websites didn’t have the military unique information I needed. And so began our quest to build the resource we wish we had.

2 years ago, I began to build the PCS site of my dreams. Somewhere where I as a military member could visit as my one-stop-shop for PCSing. I wanted a map of the houses around my next duty station, I wanted to know what was around the home so I wouldn’t miss out on the local flair, and I wanted to know how long my commute would be. Furthermore, I wanted pictures… and lots of them. I wanted to feel like I was there and I knew exactly what this house would look and feel like before I showed up. We wanted to be able to narrow our house hunting down to 2 homes before we arrived so we would have the most efficient  experience upon our arrival. We needed to feel confident about our decision to invest in a property for the next 3 years. After 2 years of trial and error to bring a user experience that meets both military family and agent needs, we’ve finally launched at full scale!

For agents, we couldn’t imagine a better tool to create a relationship with a niche market that is insulated from market turbulence. Our community of military families average a move every 36 months, allowing agents to have customers sourced in their long term funnel. We want to be connected to agents who understand the needs of a military family when they begin working with us. By listing on, agents will enter a relationship with our military families knowing they’re not local and they have a crazy timeline to decide on a new home. If you become trusted by the military community you can quickly see your sales rise with our word of mouth network. We are very tight knit and trust each other more than anyone when it comes to a PCS. If you succeed with us, you’ll enjoy a relationship with new military families for a long time.

I can’t express my gratitude to MilHousing Network for their cheerleading, mentorship, and partnership they have provided to Erin and I as we’ve built our business from the ground up. The feedback they’ve provided as agents and milspouses themselves have helped tune the website for both sets of users. Moreover, they have really inspired us with their mission to employ and educate military spouses. We experienced firsthand the shock of losing an income from a spouse with professional credentials with our last overseas PCS. The military spouse community is an amazing entrepreneurial tribe of women and men who have so much to offer but often have to sacrifice their ambitious spirit for the careers of their spouses. As we grow our business, our goal is to hire military spouses on to our team as well and to further support our underappreciated military team members. So by helping spread the word about you’ll be helping to support the military spouse community as a whole.

As we launch we will be developing daily, adding new features and upgrading the experience for our users. But, we need agents more than ever to help us grow. We have had outstanding feedback from the military community that our site is the tool they’ve been waiting for and they want to connect with agents using us right away, but we need your listings! Please come visit and list with us for $40 off a $49 listing with offer code: LAUNCH40. You’ll not only be creating a sale, but you’ll also be helping military families enter your community as we welcome you into ours.



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