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It seems like most of us a have champagne taste on a beer budget. It’s never more obvious than when trying to decorate and style a home. The whole process can be very expensive if we get caught up in all of the pretty catalogs that come in our mailboxes.

Flexing your DIY muscle and using these budget ideas will save you from spending too much cash. It’s very on trend right now to paint kitchen cabinets, but only one set. Just the top row, or only the bottom cabinets. The kitchen island alone works too. As long as the paint colors compliment each other, the look is high end.

Living Space 

Make the most of a focal point like a fireplace or antique furniture. Adding details to form a small vignette attracts the eye to upscale pieces. Picture this: a chair, small side table, and hung artwork in the foyer.


Upcycle glass jars and use them for storage on bathroom counters and shelves. Glassware is easy to come by at thrift stores or Ikea. Try a mercury glass spray paint to add silver sparkle.


Layer and layer some more. Beautiful and cozy fabrics dress up a sleeping space. Place multiple pillows and throw blankest over the beds and seating areas. A large, inexpensive sisal or woven grass rug defines a space, but a printed flat rug layered on top adds comfort and color.


Details definitely matter and add a feeling of luxury. A small gallery of canvas stretched photography adds a personal touch to a less obvious space.

Finally, don’t ignore opportunities for unexpected style. Everyone knows a catchy front door color makes great curb appeal, what about adding color to the inside of a door? It’s different and charming. Remember, customization is key to getting the expensive look at home.

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