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When the military decides where you’ll be moving, you are inevitably going to find yourself in some interesting or unexpected places. And accompanying those new and different locations are the new, different, and often inconvenient living situations.

Sometimes you might find yourself in temporary housing, like staying in TLF until your base housing is available, maybe accompanying your spouse on a TDY or training, or any number of short-term options.

Here are some tips to keep you from just “making-do” in your temporary housing, and making it more your home.

1. Command Hooks

But Command Hooks are useful for more than just hanging decorating during the holidays. They’re also great for holding window treatments when you can’t drill holes in the wall. They can also be great for hanging photos, stringing lights, or just using to hang up coats when there’s no closet storage.

For more creative ideas on using Command Hooks check out 14 Brilliant Command Hook Hacks for Your Home. I’m telling you, they make all the difference.

2. Bedding

Bedding is one way of instantly transforming a normal space into a home.  You can bring your own bedding that is familiar and comfortable or splurge and get a new set that will add a nice touch to a hotel or temporary lodging.

3. Picture Frames

Another small way to make your short-term space feel like home is the use of picture frames. If your previous home was decorated with photos, pick a few of your favorites and take them to your new space. Having familiar photos around will give you a sense of comfort and belonging, and if you want to hang them without putting nails in the walls, Command Tape is a perfect alternative.

4. Décor

Even if you’re unable to bring all of your belongings with you on your move, you can still pick a few of your favorite home décor items to pack with you. Something as simple as your favorite throw blanket, coffee cup, or candle can make all the difference.


Even if your stay is only temporary, you can still make it a place that feels like home.  You can spend your time, however briefly, enjoying your surroundings and having fun in your new location.

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