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Finally, summer has arrived. After months of cold and a spring that saw never ending rain, June
has arrived and with it come the warm rays of sunshine that make most everyone a little
happier. Time to pull the cover off the boat, get the RV up and running, and most importantly,
get the grill ready to go. If the warm days were not enough to let you know summer has arrived,
just step outside into your back yard and take a deep breath. The smell of the back yard BBQ is
sure to be found. Heck, your friends may be on their way right now to your house to put some
burgers and hotdogs on the grill.

Growing up as I did in the north central plains along the Missouri River, if I was not playing
baseball, every minute of my day was spent on the beach, swimming, water skiing, or fishing. In
that part of the world, we did not have the luxury of an early or late summer. We knew that we
would have 3 solid but short months of 90 to 100 degree weather to get all of our summer
activities in. For us spring and fall were just bumps in the seasonal road.

Now that I am older, I may not have as many carefree days as I once had. Thanks work.
Adulting, as we all know, is not always fun. However, for many of us, part of that adulting is
home ownership. With home ownership comes maintenance and upkeep. This is often hard to
do in the winter and spring months so summer is the best time to take care of any home
maintenance projects. Thankfully, where I live now gives me more time to get those projects
done, but I still use the same approach to summer as I did when I was growing up. Use those
summer months to get as much done on your house as possible.

Our friends at Armed Forces Insurance are dedicated to helping your family in all situations,
including helping you maintain your home so it does not create expensive issues for you in the
future. Below is some information regarding summer home maintenance tips:

1. Look over your home for damage – Look for any damage that occurred during the
winter months. Look for areas with missing shingles, holes in the roof, sagging roof, or
places on the outside wall that need to be repainted.

2. Check your attic and basement – Look for any signs of dampness, mildew, mold, or

3. Clean the dryer vent and exhaust duct – Dust and lint can get trapped in your vents
and could cause a fire.

4. Inspect your deck – Check for any boards that need to be repaired or replace. Reseal
your deck if necessary to protect against water damage. Hammer any nails that are
sticking up.

5. Service your Air Conditioner – Replace your air filter in your air conditioning system
and consider having the entire unit serviced. This can ensure your system is running
optimally and you won’t have an unexpected surprise on the hottest day of the year.

6. Clean your gutters and down spouts – Remove any debris from your gutters so water
can be directed away from your home to avoid future foundation issues.

7. Check your children’s play equipment – Check your children’s outdoor play
equipment to ensure that it is sturdy and strong for summertime use.

8. Change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors – Change your
batteries every 6 months.

9. Inspect the caulking around the windows and doors of your home – Add fresh
caulking where needed to keep ants and bugs out.

10. Get your chimney cleaned – This may seem odd but it is the perfect time to prep your
chimney for next year. You won’t have to wait 2 months for an appointment.

The start of summer is the perfect time to get those home maintenance projects done. The
faster you complete these projects, the faster you can get to what is really important. Spending
time with friends and family enjoying all that the summer months have to offer. Enjoy your BBQ,
I know I will.

Those are just a few tips from Armed Forces Insurance regarding home maintenance
information. For a more tips on this and other topics, head over to Armed Forces Insurance –
Resources and Tools page.

As a military family, you need insurance that matches your needs and protects what you value
most. You deserve an insurance company that is committed to serving you. MilHousing Network
is proud to partner with Armed Forces Insurance to bring military families reliable homeowner’s
insurance options when buying a home. Contact them today at 800-313-1936 or visit to learn how they can support your unique military lifestyle.



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