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Staging Your Home

Staging your home when you are ready to sell is one of the most simple, yet impactful ways to get the most out of your home’s value. A potential buyer needs to be able to walk into your home but see it as just “a house” that could be THEIR home. It is up to you to highlight the possibilities so their focus is not on the hurdles.

Sometimes the fact that a house is SO well-lived-in means the buyer cannot see THEMSELVES living in it. My rule of thumb when talking people through the art of staging your home is to understand that the average buyer has very little imagination when it comes to POSSIBILITIES and an overactive imagination when it comes to PROBLEMS.

How many times have you been watching HGTV and a potential buyer hates a bold paint color in a room and it immediately turns them off!?! We are all yelling at the screen, “IT’S JUST PAINT! You can paint over it, Sister!” Buyers will always overestimate how much things are going to cost to fix, overestimate how much time it is going to take to get it done and underestimate the value of your home IF you let them. Sure, there are many different personalities, flavors and tastes when it comes to decor, home style and trends BUT there are a few things that never go out of style so let’s focus on those to maximize your home dollar!

First Impression Needs To Be An Eye Catcher!

Staging your home does not mean you have to break the bank but one good weekend of pulling weeds, planting flowers, throwing down fresh mulch, power washing the sidewalks and a fresh coat of paint on the door will go a long way! If someone does not have a good first impression they may not stick around to “get to know it better”, which could be a deal breaker and decrease your chances at having multiple offers!

When Staging Your Home Less is More!

This is especially true when it comes to your furniture, your belongings and your clutter when trying to sell your home. Clear the countertops in the kitchen and take out unnecessary pieces of furniture that make the rooms appear smaller. You can even rearrange your furniture so it feels bigger and more open. ALWAYS declutter and organize your cabinets and closets. Don’t think for a second that buyers are not going to be looking in there. Home buyers want to see that there is plenty of space for them to move right in and nothing says “not enough space” like a cluttered closet or cabinet. Take down your family photos, your awards and your kiddos artwork to depersonalize the place.

Kitchens Sell Homes!

You do not have to gut your kitchen to sell it but there are some simple, affordable tips to giving it a facelift! Start with changing out dated hardware. It seems small but it makes a huge impact. You can also put on a fresh coat of paint or use peel and stick backsplash to give it a trendy but not permanent new look!

Work From Home Space

Living in post-pandemic America means a whole lot of working and schooling from home. Try to visually show places in your home where this can happen. Whether you turn a spare room into a functional office, take a large closet and show a workspace or just grab some books and a laptop and create a cozy, functional space on a side table by a window. Show the buyers the possibilities!

Yucky Bathrooms are the Worst

Make certain you look at your bathrooms with “buyer’s eyes”. If there is anything that looks dated or unclean it is up to you to make it disappear. Scrub those hard water stains away, trade out the faucet if it’s crusty and always, always, always get fresh bath mats and towels to display. You do not need to keep them out the whole time you are selling the house either, just pop those bad boys down right before a showing and then put them away until the next one. Super simple AND you get to take them with you when you move! Last up in the bathroom is a no-brainer but it needs to be said – make it smell GREAT!

Lighting Matters

You want to use ALLLLLL the lights! Don’t just rely on overhead lighting or a lamp or two – use them all. To make it even better, up the wattage in the lamps and lights to give your home a brighter feel. Trade out your warm lightbulbs for daylight bulbs in all rooms that do not have a window – closets, laundry room, bathrooms & kitchens. It makes a huge difference in the feeling of clean, bright and open. 

Your goal is to allow the buyer to walk in, fall in love and see THEMSELVES making this space their home. You can make that so much easier for the buyer by just putting in a little extra work on the front end and the extra dollars in your pocket on the back end are not too shabby either. 

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