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It’s no secret paint color is one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to update a house and earn more from the sale. It’s also not a secret that buyers now more than ever, want move-in-ready conditions with neutral paint inside and out.

Neutral colors are not fancy, or high fashion, but their comfort and likable factors are two selling points that are hard to beat. Okay, neutral paint it is. But how do know I know which one to buy?

Use the easy button for this question. Paint companies spend millions of dollars testing and forecasting paint colors while surveying buyers. They even give you their bestselling shades online. Take a look:

Benjamin Moore

Here you’ll find color names like: Stone House, Shaker Beige, and Nantucket Gray. They also offer their most popular exterior colors. It can’t get any simpler than to read, “How to Stage Your Home with Color.”


Their Neutral Nuance palette is a no-brainer. Mix and match any of the colors and they all work together. The same holds true with their exterior color suggestions. Paired, the colors Ethereal Mood and Retreat would make any potential buyer happy.


Behr gives an excellent description as to how and why colors are considered “neutral,” and why you need them to sell your house. Who wouldn’t want to have a room painted in a beautiful blue/gray shade of Intergalactic?

It’s worth noting that all three of these companies offer free tutorials, inspiration collections, and interactive ways to test paint colors in your own room. Picking a neutral paint can be stress-free. Don’t forget to look for their online coupons and special discounts.

These aren’t the only companies that supply this type of guidance. Local hardware and home improvement stores will know exactly what the local population prefers and will show you the most popular options. Color choice is very personal and homeowners often have trouble separating their specific tastes in paint from what the buyers at large want to see. As the seller, you might be conflicted about painting over the perfect shade of grass green, don’t be.

Just neutralize. It’s what the people want.

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