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PCS season is upon us. Many of us planned for this moment months in advance, only to have
plans derailed from our current military stop orders. Most families halted, while some applied for
hardship exceptions to move to the new duty station. As some prepare for their next move,
whether this is your first move, 15th move or your last move, it all seems stressful and daunting.
But not to fret. Now is the time for taking advantage of these great PCS resources for military

Here are 3 fabulous resources to streamline your military PCS

PCS Home Planner

This new and innovative PCS Home Planner from the founders of MilHousing Network , Lindsey
Litton and Karina Gafford, has it all…every question answered and created with military families
in mind. Get checklists, what questions to ask guides, fill-in-the-blank timeline worksheets and

This planner will walk you through the process of finding a home quickly so you can stress less
this PCS. Most families don’t know where to start, so this planner helps with need to know
timelines and important deadlines on when and how to start the home-buying process.
Learn how to take advantage of FREE services that allow you to work with a custom team
dedicated you help you find a home. I love that it has “how to use the planner” videos and
secrets to saving thousands on your VA loan that most home buyers and even realtors and
lenders don’t know about!

Go here to get your free planner and
head to their Facebook page for community and group chat .

Stressless PCS Kit

Have you had the military move you only to think you could do it better? Or perhaps you have
done a DITY (do it yourself) move to save money but had nowhere to start on the organizing
front. Insert the Stressless PCS Kit, created by C.C. Gallagher of Military Quality of Life

This kit will give you the structure to take control of organizing your HHGs (house hold goods)
prior to your move and receiving your shipment with a plan in place. It does not matter if your
HHGs will go to short or long term storage.

Included in the kit are color-coded labels, icons, and your personal notes paired with door
hangers and a room chart as a universal key. Working together, these items will assist all
parties involved with the relocation of your HHGs. This can transcend language barriers and
illegible writing on the outside of your moving boxes and create clarity of what is actually in each

The notes allow you to handwrite notes on customized labels, different from that of the movers,
in the case that any items in your shipment get mixed in, lost or delivered to the wrong address.

Furthermore, this kit will prevent the purchasing of multiple boxes of labels, numerous rolls of
colored tape, packs of multi-colored markers or additional ink to print labels yourself.

To learn more about this kit visit or head to her Facebook page at for more tips.


Are you looking for PCS gifts with the modern military spouse in mind? Look no further than
Serena West, owner of Westhouse. This online boutique carries apparel and goods that help
you embrace military life. What started as a sign shop, Westhouse has expanded into an online
marketplace carrying curated collections of small shop goods that are refreshingly simple, pretty
with a purpose and inspired by life as a modern military spouse.

From “Survival Mode” shirts to tea towels, to laser engraved mugs and more, this shop has you covered. If you’re asking yourself how this shop can help in your move, I say this. Grab a “Master Mover” tee to look super cute while packing. Then snag a pack of “miss you” cards to send to your friends as you move away. Just check out her site. You’ll be glad you did.

Find her shop at , her Facebook page at and join her Westhouse Insiders: Milspos on a
Mission Facebook group page for PCS tips at

As a military family, you need a real estate company that understands your unique needs. At
MilHousing Network we connect military families with pre-screened military real estate experts
all over the country. We’re built by military spouses to help military spouses and military families
PCS better. Every home sold within our network directly supports the military spouse community
by creating employment opportunities for our fellow spouses. Join our Facebook group at or visit

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