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real lives of realtors

This installment will shed light to the real lives of realtors. Here we will explore the funny, odd and weird things that happen to realtors.

*The realtor’s identity will be used on a first name basis to protect their privacy.

Realtor: Heather

Real Lives of Realtors – Funny story #1:

I had a client who had the same name as a good friend of mine. As realtors, we work crazy hours and are always texting/meeting clients at all hours, even late at night. One night I was planning to meet up with a friend and sent her a text, or so I thought. Since they had the same name, I mistakenly sent the client (a single guy mind you) the following text:

“Are you coming tonight? I’ll be in the back. Let me know when you get here. I’ll have the lights off. I am so excited about this.”

The client said, “Are you propositioning me?” I was planning to hang out with my girlfriend but it sounded horrible if not read in the right context. I was mortified. But that happens!

Real Lives of Realtors – Funny story #2:

I was showing barn houses in the middle of nowhere. There was no cell service and at that time we had to use old key boxes to get into the house. I couldn’t get in and had to break into the house by using my driver’s license to get into the front door. People would look at my id and I’d say, “Yeah, I’m a real estate agent! Haha.”

Real Lives of Realtors – Funny story #3:

I was showing an old vacant home, far from anything, and the client had to use the bathroom. I was in kitchen and heard knocking. Nobody was at the door. It was him knocking in the bathroom. Apparently the handle came off and he was locked in. He couldn’t open the door, and I couldn’t open it from the outside. I ended up having to slide something under the door so he could take the hinges off because without any reception, we couldn’t call for help!

Real Lives of Realtors – Funny story #4:

One time I walked into a stripped house and upon entering the master bathroom, my gum fell out of my mouth. I was dumbfounded. I saw a huge gaping hole in the ground. Apparently they had taken a sawzaw (the electric saws that can cut through basically anything) that they probably rented and cut through the wall, the supporting exterior wall, through the tile and floor to take the jetted Jacuzzi tub and took it right through the crawl space. The house was made structurally unsound. It was crazy.

Real Lives of Realtors – Funny story #5:

I remember a time when I was selling a property in a different county in WA. Upon exploring the territory I found out that if you found a gopher on any property in that county, you can’t build on it. It’s protected property! So I had to have someone go check it out and get the land checked. Turns out if you go online, there’s an endangered protected gopher population in that area. Oh the things you learn as a realtor!

Her Realtor Tip:

No matter where you are in your business as a realtor, always surround yourself with people who know more than you do. It’s an ego driven business and we all have different experience, like working with gophers! Work with your peers, respect your peers and don’t be afraid to ask questions and learn from others. Glean from their experience and surround yourself with successful people!

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