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Top 10 Things Military Families Need to Financially Plan for When It’s Time to PCS

Moving to a new location every few years (or even months) can be the most exciting and stressful (definitely stressful) part of military life.  And with so many hidden costs, these moves can put military families in a bad financial situation.  With a little planning, you can prepare your family to avoid the financial mistakes many families encounter.

This week on the MilHousing Nation podcast we welcome fellow military spouse Christine Maxwell. On her blog, Her Money Moves, Christine covers personal finance issues like retirement, budgeting, and money for both spouses and service members.   For more information, head over to Her Money Moves.  Listen in while Christine and Lindsey dive into PCS budgeting strategies to help military families PCS better.

Key topics discussed in this episode:

      • [3:02[ Christine’s Inspiration behind her blog, Her Money Moves


      • [6:53] The financial challenges for military families when they PCS


      • [9:55] 3 Ways military families can plan for PCS expenses


      • [13:50] The major things every military family should budget for during a PCS


      • [16:37] Financial resources available to military families during a PCS


      • [17:48] Top 3 financial pitfalls military families fall victim to in a PCS—and how to avoid them


    • [20:13] Where to find Her Money Moves for more tips and advice for PCSing

MilHousing Network connects military families with pre-screened military real estate experts all over the country. Founded by military spouse realtors, we built this company to be a high quality resource to better help our military PCS. Every home sold within our network helps provide jobs for military spouses. We’re dedicated to our mission of serving military families and to providing career opportunities for our fellow military spouses. To join our movement and connect with one of our realtors, click here.



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