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Meet Sarita Elliott a MilHousing Network realtor!

MilHousing Network realtor profile

Name: Sarita Elliott

Location: San Antonio, TX

Branch: Spouse of former Army

Years with MHN: 1

Tell us about how you met your husband and your military spouse journey

I’m originally from Kingsville, TX, but moved to San Antonio in 2012 where I met my husband. He was medical in the Army and spent over 9 years in San Antonio. I now consider myself a native San Antonian and have been here for about 8 years. After we got married we were sent off to our first duty station in WA for 1 year, then came back to TX.

Did you always want to be a realtor? If not, how did you get into real estate?

I have BA in criminology and Masters in psychology. I actually had dreams of getting a PhD and going into profiling but life happened. Then I taught for 10 years at the middle school level at Northeast ISD in San Antonio. I was licensed in TX and when we moved to WA I thought, “what am I going to do now?”. Plus, two kids later, I decided I wanted to be there for my kids, be at home, and be there when they’re sick. It is nice to have the luxury of being there for my kids. My husband said, “Do whatever you want,” and that’s when I decided to try real estate. We were in WA state and had a wonderful realtor. I thought, “I think I can do this and do it better.”

How long have you been with MilHousing Network and what do you like about being a MilHousing Network realtor?

After being a solo agent and working independently, I wanted to see what it took to be a part of a team. I fell upon MHN and it resonated with me from being a military spouse and moving and knowing your job is not really your job and having to reinvent yourself with every move. That hit home for me and also their mission of who they served. I had 3 options and MHN won because the mission is about supporting military spouses. No matter where you live, you will always have a position, as long as you want that position. I’ve been with MHN for a year now and I’m really happy! It’s a good fit.

Tell us about a client story

We sell a lot of houses to people who never step foot in the city. They could be living in Guam! So I conduct a lot of virtual walk throughs. One client came to TX and purchased a home. Then the pandemic hit and they got orders to CA. Now they own a home they’ll never come back to and are renting it.

How do you establish trust with your clients?

90 % of my clientele are military. A lot of realtors may not understand the life of the military or the spouse, but I do. Saying I was a military spouse too, and telling them that “I get it” establishes that trust. I reassure them that this is my city, this is my home, and I share great resources with them to understand the area. Normally I include links to maps, schools, etc. so they can decide from their own comfort level. I strive to provide a wonderful consultation and listen to what the client needs and wants, showing them homes that fit within that, and by trusting the process in doing my job. We have great inspectors and a great team. I try giving them the best deal possible.

How do you welcome military families to their new town/home?

I drive them around to see new communities. I try not to show too many options because that leads to buyer fatigue, but I show them the areas that best meets their needs.

What would you like first-time home buyer military families to know about the buying process?

The process is different for a first-time home buyer versus a seasoned pro. I’d say to remember that while it’s your first home, it’s not your last. It needs to work for you but it doesn’t need to cost your entire BAH. It’s not going to be perfect. Your perfect house will come when you are settled wherever you end up.

What advice would you give to military families?

Talk to your friends. Talk to who has lived there before. Where did their kids go to school? When it’s time to pick a realtor, ask all the right questions. Rely on your friends.

What’s next on the horizon for you?

My husband medically retired at 18 years and now has his real estate license. He was going to be my “showing agent” but now has clients of his own. I think he’ll stick with it. Both of our parents are in TX so this is our home for the duration. I really want to get to CO though. I’ve been there before and it’s so beautiful with the seasons, but with little kids we want to be near family. Maybe we will get there someday in retirement.

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