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The only thing constant in (military) life is change. For Air Force Staff Sergeant James Marshall, this change meant cross-training into a new job and an interesting moving story. When Marshall was done with tech school training for his new career path, it was time for another big change – a PCS! 

Marshall says his decision to buy his first home was influenced by how long he will likely be in Las Vegas, and by how much money he will save in the long run. “When you rent, you’re essentially throwing away money,” he said. “At that point, because you’re not getting anything back in return, the money is just gone, really.”

Marshall is currently working with realtor Ernie Gonzalez to find the perfect home. He says his experience with Gonzalez has been amazing. “He is spot on! Every time I have a place I want to go look at, he is immediately available,” Marshall said. He also said that COVID requirements aren’t really a hindrance when it comes to looking at a new place. “I took Jason with me once, and it was fine, we just had to wear masks and social distance. Marshall said he also wants to bring his girlfriend out to live with him once he finds the perfect home.”She is still in Arkansas, and I want to have a place to live before I bring her out,” he said.

Since Marshall still hasn’t found a home at his new station, he is staying with good friends, whom he happened to meet at his first station. “I graduated tech school in December and didn’t leave until February, and I was forced to extend a lot of stuff [for the move]. So, I contacted Jason and Kayla, my good friends I had met when I was stationed in Arkansas, and they said they wanted me to come and stay with them,” he said. “Moving here and having people here that have allowed me to stay with him has been the most helpful thing. I don’t have to worry about having somewhere to stay or having the Air Force pay for anything, or using my Government Travel Card.” 

When Marshall PCS’d from Texas to Las Vegas, NV., he found the experience to be very different from his last PCS due to him being prior service. “It was a learning experience, due to COVID and the fact that the base was more streamlined because it was primarily a teaching base. I was also prior service, which made being in tech school a little bit different and trying to move, I had to figure out most of it [my PCS] myself,” he said. He described the process as rocky, despite his local TMO office providing guidance. “The lady I spoke to at TMO was really helpful, but she also explained to me that sometimes I might be at a station that may make it to where I have to figure more of this stuff out myself.” he said. Marshall also stated that the entire move was a learning experience, and that the most challenging part was getting organized before the move. “Making sure everything was good to go before I hit the road was the most difficult part, but once I hit the road and everything was in order, it was buttery smooth,” he said.

Marshall’s advice for first-time homebuyers is to use their resources. “If you have friends who have purchased houses, for example, they will 100% lead you in the right direction,” he said. 

Thank you for sharing your moving story James! We are so glad to be assisting you on your home search, and we wish you all of the luck in the world! If you or someone you know is PCSing and is in need of a realtor, check out how MilHousing Network can connect you to a realtor and help you PCS better!


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