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MHN is Tackling the Military Spouse Employment Crisis…one job at a time

Do you know what the 2018 Blue Star Families Lifestyle Survey revealed as the #2 concern for military spouses? If you guessed military spouse employment, you got it right! Spouses are shedding light on the crisis and difficulties finding meaningful employment opportunities despite the multiple moves, PCS’s and deployments this military lifestyle offers. 

Most of us can attest to the difficulties in maintaining a career. We establish ourselves in one community, only to be transplanted to a new one a short couple of years later, having to reinvent and restart our careers. To say it’s exhausting and difficult is an understatement. 

But you know what? Employers are listening and taking heed to these concerns! Milspouses rejoice! MilHousing Network is one such company not only listening but creating mobile and remote careers for military spouses. 

Lindsey Litton, CEO of MHN knows the value of putting America’s military spouses to work and assisting in building meaningful careers. She knows firsthand the struggles we spouses face and is on a mission to solve the employment crisis one job at a time.  

“I set out to provide spouse employment opportunities because I personally experienced how hard it was to find a job when we move so much. I struggled for two years after losing my corporate job during a PCS. So, I decided to create a business I could take with me no matter where we’d PCS!” 

Together with Armed Forces Insurance (AFI), MHN has been able to hire spouses and provide various employment opportunities, that would otherwise not be possible if not for the generous sponsorship provided by AFI. 

“AFI is a huge supporter of the military spouse community. Creating positions for military spouses gives me a bigger sense of purpose. Being able to give back to my community by providing jobs is an honor,” says Lindsey. 

With this great news, now is the time to dust off that resume! 

If you would like to join the MilHousing Network team, check out employment opportunities here Make sure to join the MHN movement online for PCS tips, job notifications and more at 

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