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Other than a mantel over a fireplace, the focal point of your living or family room is likely a coffee table. A coffee table has its functional purposes of course; to serve chips and dip or to comfortably prop your feet, but it also serves a decorative hub to show case personality. The trick is to find the right combination of functionality and the desire to have a beautiful arrangement to admire.

Conquer Coffee Table Styling with These Techniques 

Using a tray or flat container will provide the space to organize objects. If the table is large, the tray acts like a perimeter to keep items organized. Families with small children might want to go for the tray-corral technique, for easy removal when it’s time for play. Your shape table might fit into a grid type system better, especially if coffee table style books are your passion. Stacks of beautifully colored books in each corner offer guests something to peruse. A rectangle shaped table can easily be split into thirds. Minimalism works perfectly for coffee tables. One or two eye-catching pieces is impactful.

Add Flourish and Personality 

Display a portion of your favorite collection, perhaps photos and a book from a beloved city. For a unified look, dress the mantel with coordinating travel pieces. Incorporate natural elements easily found outside, like pinecones in the fall and winter. Vary heights and shapes of displayed objects. Layering adds visual interest. Keep scale and balance in mind. Ten tiny things will get lost on an oversized table.

Swap items for seasonal influence. Mint julip cup flower arrangements in the summer or cranberry and greenery votives in the winter are easy and inexpensive options. After assembling the items, take a stroll around the table and check each angle. Does it look even and intentional? Play and re-arrange multiple times for just the right look. Putting together items to show off should be fun. They are the belongings you love and want to see every day.

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