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PCSing is never easy.  But they might be even more difficult on kids.  They might now fully understand what is going on, they might be afraid to start over at a new school, make new friends, and be in an unfamiliar place. But there are some things we can do, and some resources we can use to help ease the transition for them.

1. Have open communication

Let your kids know that moving is stressful and tell them how you feel about it. Make them feel comfortable communicating their fears with you.

2. Find Support networks

Military OneSource, Military Kids Connect and Military Youth On the Move are resources to help kids with this transition

3. Pack as a family

Give your kids a job during this move.  Giving them a responsibility might help them feel more involved and in control of this move, hopefully easing their fears.

4. Look ahead

Children are usually involved in a ton of activities. Giving up those activities might be one of the stresses your child faces. Look ahead at your new duty station to see what the options are there. Having a plan for when you arrive can give give your child an added excitement, knowing that he’ll still be playing her favorite sport or in his favorite community group.

5. Make it an adventure

Depending on your situation, you might make the move a great family trip or adventure. Road tripping from one home to the next can be broken up by visiting some cool locations your family has never been. This will give them something else to look forward to.

Have you used any of these techniques?  Share with us some of your own tips.

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