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Get the Look of Granite, but Pay Far Less.

Granite countertops continue to stay on top of homeowners’ and buyers’ wish lists. Granite is gorgeous, but the price tag is prohibitive, for sure. If your kitchen or bathroom counters are due for an upgrade but the budget isn’t there, check out these alternatives for achieving a high-end look.


If you’ve ever sponged painted a room or applied textured paint, then you’ll already have mastered the layering skills needed to install granite paint. The step by step process dictates a lot of patience and literally waiting for paint to dry, but the finished look can be dramatic and realistic, not to mention much more affordable than stone.

The countertop preparation is key to effective painting and adhesion. Clean and sanded surfaces free of gouges and holes hold the paint best. Wood filler may be needed to execute a smooth surface. Sand any raised areas.

Rust-oleum and Giani are two trusted names in counter overhauls. Although they achieve similar outcomes, their techniques to apply paint is different.

With either brand, expect to begin with a base layer and systematically add more colored layers over time. A final top coat will add durability and shine.

Peel and Stick Adhesive

An even simpler and potentially cheaper solution, (especially for a small counter top) to install a granite look-a-like is to use a peel and stick product like EZ Faux Granite. The heavy duty PVC film is strong, resists stains and is removable if the mood strikes, adding flexibility for future changes. Here are more features listed on their site:

  • Tear resistant up to 330 pounds per yard.
  • Stain resistant for items such as grape juice, ink and wine.
  • Wear resistant
  • Weather stable for over 800 hours.
  • Dimensionally stable when exposed to hot and cold.

This project is best executed with two sets of hands for the most precise application.

Both products can be applied over a long weekend or less, but the Rust-oleum needs to cure for several days before full use. These painting and peel and stick options won’t bust a budget and allow homeowners to try out the look of granite before committing to the expensive price tag.

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