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What defines a home? 

We might all be asking ourselves this question as PCS season is among us. 

Maybe this is your first move, and you’re anxiously awaiting what exciting life lies ahead. Or maybe it’s your 9th move and you just want to get to your new house faster than a New York minute.

Some of us are traveling by air to our new duty station. Some have opted to embrace the PCS road trip, dusting off the camper and hitting the road of adventure. 

You may be crossing America to your base, or spanning the globe to a European countryside, with translator in hand. Home may be translated in all languages, but for military families, our definition of home is ever changing.

We prepare for our new home by collecting information on the base and town, asking friends of friends what the must see places are.

No matter what path you take on your PCS journey, the destination is always the same…home. We wonder, ‘What will our new home look like? What kind of neighbors will I have? Will I have to share my closet space?’ But ‘Home’ becomes so much more and we, military spouses, know just what to do to make a house a home. 

The constant purge, pack, repeat might have you wondering what holds significance. It could be  the family pictures that we put up in a new home, marking the place each child was born, each telling their own story. For some it’s the trinkets collected from travels abroad, paid for on the government’s dime. For others it’s just being together, and that is enough. 

Wherever this journey has taken you, wherever you may be, know that home is where you are with the ones you love. Home is what you create out of space where there was nothing before. Home is the place we all belong. Home is waiting for you. Embrace it and enjoy it… least until you have to move again.

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