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Before getting into anything, let’s take a trip down memory lane and remind ourselves of how this holiday came to be a significant day on our calendar. In 1621, the Wampanoag Indians and Plymouth colonists came together to share an autumn harvest feast which today gets acknowledged as the very first Thanksgiving celebration. For approximately two centuries states celebrated this holiday on an individual basis, but in 1863, as the Civil War went on, Abraham Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving Day a national holiday to be held every November.

Since then many families have come to embrace this day as a specific time of the year that reminds everyone to take timeouts and cherish the blessing of having one another. One example of such a family is a military family. Thanks to these brave men and women who defend our country, we feel safe in our homes and sleep peacefully at night. Unfortunately, while our soldiers are overseas on assignments, back home their Thanksgiving tables usually look a tad bit different compared to others. Seeing the smiling faces of their extended family members is a luxury they don’t get to enjoy. Furthermore, the situation is usually exacerbated by high stress, and seasonal blues experienced during this period.

In essence, a Thanksgiving decoration doesn’t have to come with exorbitant costs. You only have to use a couple of items around the home or from your garden, to create a welcoming atmosphere. The following ideas can be put to use as they are inexpensive, and consume minimum time or effort while achieving a grand effect.

  • Create centerpieces with the help of your kids

Children usually love taking part in such exercises. Plus, it’s one project that can take place in a short amount of time, and in a natural way. It’s like killing two birds with one stone if you manage to use this as an avenue to keep their small hands occupied and at the same time create these perfect small table placements. Gather an assortment of battery-operated candles, mini pumpkins, baskets, nuts, plates, and gourds for each child. The first step is to take a plate and place a large pillar candle in the middle. The kids will then put the other items around the base of the candle to achieve a more desired look.

Spread out freshly fallen leaves on the table, and around candles or centerpieces. You can also opt to string one on top of another if you’re looking for a stacked leaf garland. Ask your little ones to assist you to gather some autumn leaves.

  • Use an urn or pot to arrange a few bare branches

The rationale behind this is to make a dramatic statement. Families working within a budget should take advantage of this by placing them in the corners or on top. And for those who are lucky to own chandeliers, they can reach the ceiling by weaving the branches in between the arms. You’ll notice the lights will cast shadows while highlighting the twigs, beautifully.

  • Light your fireplace

Let’s be honest with each other for a second…Is there anything more soothing on a crisp, chilly evening than a fire’s orange glow? To complement such a warm feeling, you can place cider or tea and cookies on a table next to it for visitors to snack on as they make conversations. It’s not just about providing refreshments, but also adding an overall visual effect.

  • Mini pumpkins and core apples can be makeshift candleholders

It’s not rocket science! All you have to do is to carve each center, and put the tea light, taper, or votive candles in each one of them. To avoid any accidents in case the vessels tip over you can use a martini glass. Alternatively, you can wedge them into old muffin tin cups, and then use moss or red berries to cover the exposed areas.

  • Reuse uncut Halloween pumpkins

Look for uncut pumpkins from the assortment left during the Halloween decorations, and reuse them in the fall arrangement. It’s advisable to put them in a grouping of three to bring out the interesting effect in your interior décor or get an instant pumpkin topiary by stacking them vertically.

Use these tips to work within a budget, and turn your home into a festive atmosphere that’s ready to host a Thanksgiving get-together. All that matters is you get to spend such a special day with the people you love!

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