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By Jennifer Jordan, Director of Mom & Baby, Aeroflow Healthcare

While military families are used to changing schedules and having to work different shifts, PCS (Permanent Change of Station) brings on an entirely new set of challenges. Especially when relocating newborns and expecting mothers is involved.

For expectant parents or couples with an infant, PSC orders can bring a high level of stress. Suddenly, they need to figure out where to live on or off base, how to move all of their items, when to make the actual transition, and more. On top of all that they have baby’s schedule to worry about too.

PCS and Breastfeeding

However, for breastfeeding moms, this transition doesn’t have to drastically adjust the child’s schedule. In fact, having a breast pump to allow Mom express breast milk at various points of the day may simplify adhering to PCS orders.

Military families will be able to work around packing, scheduling movers, making the drive to their new home, and more. Plus, fathers will be able to help out with feedings and even enjoy one-on-one bonding time. This often helps families stick to their baby’s schedule so their feeding and sleeping times are not disrupted.

By having a written schedule and expressed milk available for caregivers, they can expect when baby will be hungry, allowing them to stick to their normal routine, even if both parents have to be away to prep for relocation.

Qualifying For A Breast Pump Through Insurance

During the PCS transition, families don’t want to take on more than they have to. This includes the complexity of dealing with an insurance company, even though many coverage options, including Tricare, will supply certain pumps and supplies to Mom at no cost. Healthcare companies can simplify the process by handling all of the hassles in just a few easy steps.

  • Step 1:  Complete a quick form online by entering your personal and insurance information.
  • Step 2:  A Breastpump Specialist will contact you to discuss your options.
  • Step 3:  Your Breastpump Specialist will also work with your doctor to request prescriptions and other paperwork as needed.
  • Step 4:  Your brand new breast pump arrives at your home!

Of course, getting your breast pump is just the beginning. In order to successfully breastfeed, additional support may be needed. And if you are new to an area, it may be hard to know where to start.  One resource that can make it easy for military families utilizing tools such as a Lactation Support Directory..

Lactation Support Directory

For some mothers, a Lactation Support Directory, a national directory of lactation consultants, is available for free online and features over 600 experts available to help moms with breastfeeding questions. Mothers deserve the perfect breast pump to fit their individual lifestyle, and it’s platforms and other educational tools like these are important in helping them become comfortable and confident with their new breastfeeding journey.

Using a directory such as this, mothers can find the specialist or local support group they are seeking, no matter where PCS orders take them across the country, simply by entering their zip code. This is to ensure that mothers not only get the equipment that they need, but the also the knowledge and self-assurance to make sure breastfeeding goes well.

As many expecting and breastfeeding moms everywhere have learned through experience, one of the first steps in advancing through motherhood is by developing a network full of family/friends, experts, support, and resources to have all of their questions answered.

Military Families Aren’t Alone

Military families can find themselves facing the challenges of relocating to completely new areas when PCS orders are involved. However, you and your baby’s schedule doesn’t have to dramatically readjust, and there are a variety of resources available to help you make informed decisions based on your unique situation.

Jennifer Jordan is the Director of Mom & Baby at Aeroflow Healthcare, a durable medical equipment provider that has provided breast pumps through insurance to hundreds of thousands of women. Jennifer and her team works directly with new and expecting moms to support their breastfeeding needs.

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