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This week, Lindsey sits down with Ashton Reagin, fellow military spouse and creator of the app Organized Chaos. Ashton is no stranger to the military throwing her curve balls. Moving in as little as 9 days, Ashton knows what it takes to get your family packed up and relocated in a short period of time. This week, Ashton shares her pro tips with Lindsey on how to PCS in 45 days.

Key topics discussed in this episode:

    • [01:48] Ashton’s military life
    • [04:40] How Ashton moved her family in 9 days
    • [08:30] Why you should organize your milspouse life
    • [13:30] 4 steps you can take to PCS in 45 days
    • [25:00] How to connect with Ashton and get the Organized Chaos App

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