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This week, Lindsey sits down with fellow military spouse and real estate investor, Victoria Griggs. Through her struggles to find a career that was compatible with military life, Victoria came across real estate investing, and found how she could make it work with her lifestyle.

Victoria shares her path to finding a career that fits her, the differences between real estate investing and selling real estate, and finding the best real estate method for your individual family.

Key topics discussed in this episode:

    • [01:20] Victoria’s military life
    • [03:00] Victoria’s career life, and how military affected it
    • [08:00] The ins and outs of being a real estate developer and investor
    • [10:45] Different buying strategies for military families
    • [15:30] Debunking misconceptions about investing
    • [19:45] Victoria’s advice for milspouses on the job hunt
    • [25:20] How to connect with Victoria

Unlimited Pie

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