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It’s no secret that having a career while being a military spouse and parent can be challenging. Mom of two, military spouse, and MHN Brand Ambassador Rosalind Heaney wanted to get more out of her career. Becoming a military spouse while completing her Masters Degree provided the resilience and determination that Rosalind now carries through her position with MHN.

In her work as a Brand Ambassador, Rosalind connects families who are PCSing with a MilHousing Network preferred expert military realtor. Working with MHN as provided Rosalind not only with a flexible work from home position, but has provided her the ability to help fellow military families tackle PCS struggles.

Key topics discussed in this episode:

    • [02:05] Rosalind’s military life
    • [03:10] How being a military spouse has impacted Rosalind’s career
    • [04:30] Rosalind’s work with MHN as a Brand Ambassador
    • [05:31] Her favorite parts of working with MilHousing Network
    • [08:50] Success stories Rosalind has helped create
    • [11:15] A typical day as a Brand Ambassador
    • [13:00] The flexibility of a remote work position
    • [14:45] The question Rosalind gets from PCSing families
    • [16:00] One thing Rosalind wants you to know about MilHousing Network

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MilHousing Network connects military families with pre-screened military real estate experts all over the country. Founded by military spouse realtors, we built this company to be a high quality resource to better help our military PCS. Every home sold within our network helps provide jobs for military spouses. We’re dedicated to our mission of serving military families and to providing career opportunities for our fellow military spouses. To join our movement and connect with one of our realtors, click here.



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