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Our next guest is a fellow military spouse and co-founder of MadSkills, Erica McMannes. After 10 years, 6 moves, 2 kids, and limited traditional job opportunities, Erica had to get creative with a way to find fulfillment and income that meshed well with the transient and unpredictable military lifestyle.  So she created MadSkills as a way to help other military spouses find real remote work that can move with them each PCS.

In this jam-packed episode, Erica talks to us about her company MadSkills, taking us from the very early ideas to her now successful company that matches military spouses with companies looking to hire remote teams.  We learn the behind the scenes info on what it takes for military spouses to find these remote positions and also how to get into the entrepreneur game if they want to step out on their own.

Key topics discussed in this episode:

  • [02:03] Erica’s military life journey
  • [02:42] How military life impacted Erica’s career
  • [04:30] The origin of MadSkills
  • [06:10] The chemistry between MadSkills CoFounders
  • [07:45] Should you be a solopreneur or find a CoFounder?
  • [08:50] What Erica finds most rewarding about being an entrepreneur
  • [10:00] What does MadSkills do?
  • [12:00] MadSkills specialty positions
  • [13:15] #1 piece of advice for milspouses looking for work

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