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Our next guest is a fellow military spouse, 10x author, Employment Specialist and Intern Facilitator with Mt. Carmel, Janet Farley.  She is an advocate for military family financial literacy.  Her latest books “Military Transition” and “Military Life 101” guide military families at different points in their military career.

This is all in addition to her work with Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center. Mt. Carmel has services for everyone in the military community, including behavioral and health services, as education and career guidance, legal services, as well as resources for military families that might find themselves in difficult situations.  All services are free. Most recently Mt. Carmel created the Military Spouse Career Program to create even more resources for our fellow milspouses. Janet is a trusted voice within the greater military community, offers military service members, their families, and others her own brand of straightforward career management and job search advice.


Key topics discussed in this episode:

  • [02:00] Janet’s military life journey.
  • [03:20] How military life impacted Janet’s career.
  • [04:30] Why Janet became an author.
  • [05:30] Janet’s passion behind writing for the military community.
  • [07:40] The big reason why military families should think about the future and retirement
  • [10:20] 3 things military families need to save for right now.
  • [12:47] Why military families need to read “Military Life 101”
  • [15:20] 3 resources that are available to military families
  • [17:20] What Mt. Carmel does in Colorado Springs
  • [21:30] The career assistance Mt. Carmel offers military spouses
  • [23:50] The programs available to spouses that need accreditation after being displayed with their spouse

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