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This week’s guest is a fellow milspouse and real estate agent, Sonia Graham.  Sonia found real estate after a meandering career.  She now works in two separate real estate markets in Maryland and San Antonio, Texas.  She has been able to make her career work despite (or because of) her crazy military life.

Sonia speaks with Lindsey about the importance of finding your tribe in the military spouse community.  Military spouses can build each other up instead of competing with each other.  We all win.  Sonia also speaks about the loss of her brother and the scholarship she’s founded in his honor to help veterans get licensed in real estate.

Key topics discussed in this episode:

  • [01:40] Sonia’s military life and PCS moves
  • [02:20] How military life impacted Sonia’s career
  • [03:12] How Sonia got started in the real estate industry
  • [05:50] What it’s like to work in two separate real estate markets
  • [08:50] How Keller Williams has helped Sonia work in multiple locations
  • [12:22] The importance of finding your tribe in the military spouse community
  • [17:47] The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of real estate
  • [19:55] What is a productivity coach?
  • [20:43] Sonia’s scholarship program in honor of her brother
  • [2:18] 3 tips for spouses wanting to get started in real estate


Sonia’s phone: 443-720-9491;  210-897-4424


MilHousing Network connects military families with pre-screened military real estate experts all over the country. Founded by military spouse realtors, we built this company to be a high quality resource to better help our military PCS. Every home sold within our network helps provide jobs for military spouses. We’re dedicated to our mission of serving military families and to providing career opportunities for our fellow military spouses. To join our movement and connect with one of our realtors, click here.



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