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This week on MilHousing Nation we hear from milspouse Amy Ward from Elevated Fitness to talk about staying fit while PCSing, both physically and career-wise.

After graduating college, Amy found herself a stay at home mom, away from family, and unable to find jobs that fit her passion and skills.  Amy created her personal training business Elevated Fitness that has successfully moved with her as she PCSes with the military.

Listen in to hear how Amy continues her healthy fitness lifestyle while traveling, and how she has transitioned her personal training business from in-person training to distance training.

Key topics discussed in this episode:

  • [1:45] Amy’s military journey: taking jobs out of her career field and starting her own business
  • [5:08] How military life forced Amy to get creative with her career
  • [6:12] What is harder: keeping a career while moving or training for an IronMan?
  • [7:33] The similarities between running a business and training for an IronMan
  • [9:24] The first iteration of Elevated Fitness and how it has evolved
  • [15:46] Things military spouses should do to keep up their fitness routine who PCSing
  • [17:34] What military spouses and do with kids to stay fit while PCSing
  • [18:52] How Amy balances work, family, fitness, and her son
  • [22:00] The changes Elevated Fitness is going through and what they will soon offer their clients

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