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Ashley Peebles, Brittany Stewart, Lindsey Litton

Lindsey Litton  00:07

Welcome to the milhousing nation podcast where we bring you stories from real military spouses who have been in your shoes. From New spouses to veteran spouses. You’ll get tips, tricks, and actionable steps that can help you along your military life journey. This episode is brought to you by armed forces insurance. Armed Forces Insurance offers personal insurance options specifically designed for military families. To learn more, visit them online at or give him a call at 1-800-313-1936.

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Now here’s Ashley Peebles!

Ashley Peebles  00:45

All right, welcome, everyone to the Milhousing nation podcast. My name is Ashley Peebles. And I am so thankful that you’re here with us today. We have a true treat for you because we have this Brittany Stewart, who is an all star, MilHousing Network affiliated, total rock star realtor from the Dallas area joining us today. And if you know anything about Dallas, you know, it’s real big, everything. There’s bigger, right? That’s right. If you know anything about real estate, that is a hot market, and there’s lots of people moving into the area. So I truly believe that this particular episode of the podcast and the interviews with realtors, I think this one’s going to blow up because there’s so many people that are looking at the area so Miss Brittany, thank you so much for joining us today. Thank you

Brittany Stewart  01:35

Ashley. I gotta carry around my pocket introduced introduced me all the time.

Ashley Peebles  01:40

Except this voice like nobody needs this raspy voice in their life. But I will tell you no one ever mistakes me for anyone else when I So tell me a little bit. All right. So you are a part of Lux Realty Group, correct?

Brittany Stewart  01:55

Yes, ma’am. I am the team leader. The Rainmaker, I guess you could say of Lux Realty Group.

Ashley Peebles  02:00

Absolutely. Okay. So tell me a little bit about your business. Sure.

Brittany Stewart  02:04

So I have been in real estate for 16 years. So my whole adult life, I was a wee little child and in college at Florida State University, and I dreamt of being a real tour, but I knew that I had to go to college. So after completing a couple of degrees there, I went ahead and took the plunge and got into real estate at the ripe age of 21. So if your math is really good, I tell my age way too often tell you that yet, but I started real estate in Jacksonville, Florida, and had a small brokerage there and grew that a little bit. And then of course, like, like many people, my husband’s job relocated us to the Dallas area. And so he joined me about six years ago. So it’s myself and my husband. We have two virtual assistants and a buyer’s agent who has the most beautiful name in the world also Brittany, so

Ashley Peebles  02:54

that’s perfect. Okay, so you’ve been in the business forever. So what is your affiliation to the military? Because I know that you’re a fellow military staff.

Brittany Stewart  03:03

Yes, absolutely. We love military love our veteran. So my beloved husband, whom I’ve known since I was 14 years old, decided to join the military straight out of high school. And he joined the army. He was stationed in Korea was his first duty station. So that was that was real fun. And, and then he was in Fort Hood in Texas, so not too far from where we’re at. And then in of course, in Operation Iraqi Freedom. So my husband is a event and from the army.

Ashley Peebles  03:33

That is wonderful. Well, I love hearing Everyone’s story and how they’re connected. Because as you all know, everyone that’s listening, the military is such a small world. And I love interviewing the different people on this podcast because we’ll get connected for one person. But then when we become friends on Facebook, we have like 15 other friends and it’s always so funny to see people from different pieces, if you will of my life, commenting on other people’s posts that are in a totally different world. Like all your Worlds Collide when you’re military and you jump on Facebook. Okay, so tell me about the market in Dallas. One real estate market light right now.

Brittany Stewart  04:15

Yeah, so I’m in the northern suburbs of Dallas so I service the Dallas northward area. A lot of people say DFW they think we’re all just you know, jam packed on top of each other but we don’t we’re not. We have a lot of farmland in between us but that’s my primary focus. So Dallas is a really really unique market and has been for quite some time. We have 150 people a day net moving to our area. So not coming and going coming in stay in so we get a lot of West coasters right now that are relocating and to the Dallas area. That is keeping our market pretty insulated and and still cranking and going. So the northern suburbs have seen we saw when COVID hit in June from June to July, we had a 35 $1,000 jump intermediate sales price, which was huge, absolutely. We are typically seen about, you know, 8% annually. But the real estate market here is really, really pretty Swift. If you’re under that median sales price, you’ve got to be ready to go hop in, jump in sight unseen, you know, purchasing these houses really quick because a lot of the people from the west coast where the price points are much higher, are liquidating. And that equity is giving them the cash to make it a really competitive market here. So absolutely. The northern era suburbs have been quite popular for many reasons, the quality of life, great schools, it’s pretty here. I think it’s pretty, and builders are still building there. So it’s kept the inventory low, of course, but not, you know, not too low where we can’t find somebody something. So absolutely. Our market has been really crazy. seller’s market all the way. Okay, well, that’s

Ashley Peebles  05:54

wonderful to know. So tell me about this, then if the if the median price went up, I think he said 35,000 within COVID. You’ve got all of these people coming in. So the inventory is low. What is bringing people to your area that what would you say are the things about your area that keep people coming in? Because if there’s low inventory, and the prices seem to be going up, what are the things that you think people see that are so special about your area?

Brittany Stewart  06:22

Yeah, absolutely. And I share this with my clients. Most of our clients are people that are relocating here, and I’m just honest and candid, you know, I’m not from Texas. I’m from Florida, like I mentioned before, and why do I love it here there’s probably no place in the world outside want to live unless it was on the beach Delta yet. But the quality of life here is amazing. So what do I mean by that? aesthetically, everything is great people have such a pride of ownership. It blows me away. And especially military, we know we see it we traveled the United States and some of us the world. So you see what that looks like. It’s very rare to see an unkept lawn and unkept car, you know people are so kind and friendly, there is people do not honk the horn here if you honk the horn, you know, you are not from here. I had to learn that the hard way my husband had pointed out to me, the schools are highly rated. I have a third grader and a first grader and my third grader I swear what they’re learning and teaching in the curriculum and the way that they push these kids in a positive way. Their their methods of teaching here just blow my mind is so you know, hands down top of the nation, you can you could do the research on that. Also, a lot of people that are moving here, we have no state income taxes. So that means an immediate, an immediate, you know, raise for a lot of people that are moving here. So Californians I tell them, they can expect a 10 to 14% raise just based off of that gallon of gas 165 gallon of milk 199. But parks, family events, there’s so much to do. We have the culture, we have the arts, we have hiking trails, just so many different things that we have to offer here, for sure.

Ashley Peebles  08:02

I love that. So people immediately see that even though the prices have gone up the cost of living still low in Texas. Yes. Especially comparatively, with people moving from the west coast, where it costs the fortune for the gallon of gas or the gases of milk I can’t even imagine out there just to visit and it makes me sweat a little bit. It’s so you said that there are new builds if there is some new build inventory in your area.

Brittany Stewart  08:30

Yeah, so just north of north of Dallas. I’m in Collin County, so we’re just adjacently north to to Dallas County. But even further north than that, and North Collin County in general. We it used to be farm lands, I mean ranches, you know, farmland, etc. So a lot of developers have come in slowly and develop that and built it. So there is an edge. A lot of times you can put people in new construction if the resale inventory is really low, for sure.

Ashley Peebles  08:57

So tell me about everyone coming in. When they come in from let’s say California because that really is the influx into Texas right now. Like it, love it. hate it. You’ve got a lot of people coming from the west coast because of the cost of living because of the quality of life. All of the wonderful things that you guys have to offer in Texas. You know, we I told you earlier such a big fan. It is the other place like if we needed to move somewhere, Texas would be it. But do you feel like people are coming in with like super realistic expectations about what they can get in Texas? Do you feel like it’s the most people come in with unrealistic expectations? And the reason I asked that is it kind of seems like universally people have unrealistic expectations for real estate. But I was wondering if they’re coming from California where everything’s so much more expensive? Do they come in and they’re like, oh, my goodness, this is what I got way more than I thought I would. So what are you seeing with that? Yeah, I’m

Brittany Stewart  09:55

glad you asked Ashley. It’s funny. I know you’re from Dallas. fornia moving here, if you want one acre with a pool under 350, that’s that seems to be there’s got to be a billboard or some Facebook ad that’s that’s targeted towards California to get away. And I’m not trying to say that that’s not possible to absolutely is. But Dallas is, you know, it’s more of a metropolitan area in general. But yes, generally, we have to twofold people want exactly what I just stated. And then we have to show them and set some expectations. And that’s because, for instance, I had clients that are relocating here, they’re military, and they want to just that and I send them their search, there’s seven houses that have a pool under 350, you know, maybe a standard lot, then I take out a pool, and there’s 142. So it’s just letting people you know, guiding them and educating them on what it’s like. And sometimes they have to miss out on a couple of deals before that reality sets in. Also, I think that people do a lot of research, which I highly appreciate. And they’re searching, and sometimes they’re searching really, you know, less developed areas, or very rural Texas where that that is, you know, a standard. So then they come in, and that’s what they see. Now. Then, the other hand of that, we have clients here who’s just blown away, they’re moving from 1000 square foot house, they just sold for 1.2 million, they’re taking 400 of that cash equity, and they’re buying a 3000 square foot house. So um, you know, and I joke, and I’m being facetious, but I tell them, if there’s a house that backs up to a road of California will buy it. As long as it’s not a freeway, they’re just so happy and so appreciative. And it goes to Oregon, you know, Washington, we do have an influx of people from New York as well. But it just really depends, depends on that. And I do feel like it takes some time and some educating to align those, those expectations to the reality. And sometimes it’s like, what’s important to them? What’s it can’t How about we build a pool? How about I bump up your price point down from 450 to 400. And I put you in touch with the phenomenal pool contractor that can build that pool for 50,000. So sometimes, those are the conversations that we’re definitely having.

Ashley Peebles  12:01

That is perfect. I love hearing that. And I think the biggest thing there is to make sure that when people are coming in, and you’re moving anywhere across the nation, that you get linked up with a realtor, but with the right one, so that those true expectations can be set so that you can, when you were speaking to me earlier, you talked about just educating them the right way. And something that you said, You said you’d like to show them and not just tell them, I think that’s what’s so beautiful. If you’re linked up with the right person that understands the market and understands the area, they’re going to make sure that you get into the most house that your money can buy you. And I think it’s so brilliant that you’re able to sit them down, show them what’s possible, so that they can then enjoy and not feel like they’re getting gypped right like that. They don’t actually. So when people are coming in these days, what are they? Alright, so you said 350 with a pool on a one acre lot. Anything else that stands out? Are people looking for certain things? And I guess the reason I’m asking this is it’s a seller’s market.

Brittany Stewart  13:02

Mm hmm.

Ashley Peebles  13:03

So maybe someone’s listening to this. And they’re thinking about listing their home in the area. What are the things that are standing out to your buyers? Yeah,

Brittany Stewart  13:11

absolutely. Um, the expectation here is that homes are model like, show ready when I when I relocated here in Jacksonville, Florida, and I haven’t been selling real estate, they’re already looking through photos. I’m like, Where are these people live and Dallas? Where do they live where they’re close? Wherever belongings. So that’s one of the things you know, you definitely want to have a house. That’s that’s pretty. Chip and Joanna Gaines have had a huge influence all the way up from Waco, it still stands true here. So they like those bright kitchens, the open concepts, renovated pool home absolutely is highly desirable. your return on investment is low. But we do we get warm we get warm here in August and September. So people are looking for a pool they’re looking for, especially with COVID, as we mentioned before, they’re looking for somewhere that can be their Oasis where they can have some peace and serenity. If people like like like us are stuck in their house for you know, nine months, they want to have a view or a larger law or somewhere that their kids can play and you know, have some areas to kind of sprawl out so I think that for sure. Another thing that we’re seeing that’s very, very popular in North Collin County right now is our luxury market has just become very blurred. And what I mean by that is 800,000 here is very hardy. When you think about it, our luxury market really is around 515 and above so you think 800,000 is going to buy you a more a stately type home. And right now those type of properties are hard to come by. Especially if they do have a pool but also there’s a there’s some bidding wars going on even in that price point. So our luxury market here for a million plus was 22 months after COVID. It’s down to like four, the saturation rate

Ashley Peebles  14:49

in Yes. Yes being most of So you mentioned it being a seller’s market earlier. Are you seeing that a lot of homes are going for over sale price or over what you would normally see them sell for? Absolutely. So

Brittany Stewart  15:02

we’re about 102% List of sales price in almost almost at 100%. Even luxury. Before we were at 92%, pre COVID. Ashley? Yeah,

Ashley Peebles  15:12

that is incredible. So the what I’m hearing is it is a great time to sell your house in Texas, it is a great time to buy a house in Texas. That’s right. That’s it’s always a good day in Texas, you do live on the face of the sun. So I agree with everyone that’s looking for a house with a pool. All of our best friends live in Texas. And every time we visit, it does feel like we’re on the face of the sun. But coming from Virginia. It’s just so much hotter down here. So that makes total sense. Yeah. What else? Brittany, is there anything else before I let you go sell another million dollar home? What else in your area? Is there anything if somebody is listening to this, and they’re coming in? Well, I guess first let me know how they can get in touch with you. First, if you’ve got a website, we want to make sure that we get that on here so people can hear it. And we’re going to attach it to the podcast so they can see it. But also is there are there any final thoughts, anything that you would want a potential buyer or seller to hear?

Brittany Stewart  16:08

Yeah, absolutely. I think one of the tidbits that I do want to mention and what we do see, as I mentioned before my husband’s disabled bet, we do have a lot of veterans here. So Collin County has the highest concentration of veterans. It’s great because we actually have three VA hospitals, but one of the biggest perks. Listen, Texas takes care of their vets, especially their disabled vets. So a lot of people a lot of our clientele are coming here and they will pay zero property taxes, if they are 100%. Disabled here. That it that translates into a huge buying power and savings. And then your kids are going to school, essentially public school, which is equivalent to a lot of private schools in different areas. So I do want to mention that and say if you are if you do know somebody who is a disabled vet, or somebody who is a veteran who’s considering a great place to retire, because of course people want to be close to, you know, the PX or any of those types of things. I think that and obviously we know that because there’s a large concentration of veterans that are moving here, there’s a lot of job opportunities. Texans really take care of their veterans, and I love it. I absolutely 100% love that. And I get chills when I think about where I preach that, you know, to other people who are moving here because there’s no, there’s no more deserving parties are people who’ve given the sacrifice to their country, and what a blessing for Texas as a government to say we thank you, we see you, we appreciate what you did. And we are going to reward you by making life a little bit easier. Here’s how. So you know that I definitely want to mention and of course, like we talked about before, we just opened a local lady leaders chapter I’m the president in Dallas. So anyone who has any affiliation with real estate, you know, if you’re an insurance provider, if you make closing gifts, for realtors, anything like that definitely would love to have the opportunity to connect with you in the Dallas area too. And then lastly, the best way to get ahold of me is to email or call me. My number is 469-712-4888. And you can check me out also on my website, it’s just my first and last name, which is Brittany So that’s BTTANYST w ar And then of course emails I have little little youngins running around, and a ferocious life as well. And my email is my first and last name Brittany Stewart and then my husband’s last name Hicks Hck

Ashley Peebles  18:36

That is perfect. How lucky are you to be able to get your first and last name as your website?

Brittany Stewart  18:41

Let me tell you when I bought it. Can I tell you actually when I bought those in 2004 before people were buying domain websites,

Ashley Peebles  18:47

I was just about to say did you because like my name is Ashley Peebles. Like there can’t be that many of us yet I can’t get that domain. So I was actually when you said my website’s Brittany I was like, I wonder if she threw a full on party when that was available. But

Brittany Stewart  19:04

if you bought it in 2004, you didn’t even know how lucky you were. Yeah. That was God just struck me with that idea. And I said, let me go to GoDaddy. They’re probably 299 I don’t even know GoDaddy was a was a was a thing. And that’s when I started real estate. So that’s when I jumped on. And I tell you, you should buy your kiddos now, and or do the email. So we do I have my kids an email address. So now when they get anything that’s cute, or I like I just forward the email along because I’m Heidi all day every day. So when we get 18 I’ll give them that little password.

Ashley Peebles  19:32

They’ll be ready to go. That’s so brilliant. Listen, everyone, you thought that you were just coming here to get like tips on real estate in Dallas. We just threw life tips at you and drop the mic. So brandy, thank you so much for your time today. It was such a pleasure to meet you and everything that you shared is going to help so many of our listeners, and I don’t think it’s just going to help listeners that are coming or leaving the Dallas area you shared So much that I think really is universal in the real estate game. So, thank you so much. I appreciate you and are listening, make sure that you subscribe on whatever device it is that you like to listen to or streaming system. I don’t even know what it is only. I know every week, I think I’m gonna learn the word that I need to put in that spot. And I never do. So make sure that you subscribe, because we have lots of other incredible MilHousing Network realtors that are going to be sharing the tips and tricks for their areas. We’ve got a lot of great buyers that are going to be sharing their experience. And we’ve got so many different views on what your housing budget can actually look like. So lots of fun stuff coming at you up here at the end of the year. So thank you all so much for listening, and we’ll see you next week. Thank you for listening to the male housing nation podcast. To connect with MilHousing Network, visit us online at

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