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Hello! If you’ve made it to this page, chances are you know we’re passionate about helping military spouses with career options. Real estate career options are perfect careers for military spouses looking for limitless potential, plus you can take anywhere you go!

About our MilHousing Network Agent Positions

We’re glad you found us! We currently looking to add several Buyer Agent positions to our flagship team in San Antonio, TX.

When applying, please be sure you complete the online application along with the DISC assessment (link sent upon completing online application). We look forward to meeting you!

San Antonio Buyer Agent Position(s)

Join our award-winning San Antonio team, MilHousing Network of San Antonio, to start or further your career as a real estate agent serving military families and the greater San Antonio community!

There is a reason that 90% of Realtors leave the industry after just 2 years. It’s lonely, hard, and expensive to do this by yourself. 85% of the agents who have joined our team have either continued with us or become successful independent agents or partner agents of MilHousing Network. That said, joining a team doesn’t make sense for every prospective agent, so we’ve outlined who would make an ideal candidate for our team, and if that’s not you, that’s okay! We would still love to help and connect you with the resources that will help YOU be successful in real estate.

The ideal candidate:

    • Strongly identifies with at least 8 out of the 10 following words:
          • Sociable
          • Predictable
          • Consistent
          • Inspiring
          • Persuasive
          • Enthusiastic
          • Stable
          • Poised
          • Competitive
          • Determined
    • Motivated to connect with people on the phone and online and isn’t discouraged easily.
    • Familiar with PCS’ing and has personal experience buying/selling a home.
    • Dedication to providing a high quality of service.
    • An effective communicator when it comes to written correspondence and speaking on the phone.
    • Makes friends easily and has a heart for helping people.
    • Tends to always do the right thing—even if that means knowing a family may not work with us. We are big on always do what is best for our military family’s situation.
    • Can think on their feet and remain composed if put in a confrontational situation.
    • Shows good emotional control and is a positive representation of our brand
    • Financial readiness to support the first 2-3 months until income is regular. Financial savviness to set aside money for taxes and savings for the off-season.
    • Some work experience, preferably in a client/ customer-focused role, such as customer service, education, nursing, hospitality or sales
    • If you more strongly relate to 8 out of the 10 following words than the 1st set of words, you may find more value in starting a path as an independent agent with outside support and training, and we’d LOVE to help point you in the right direction and introduce you to those who can help. Identifying with these words does NOT mean you would not be a successful agent, it means that a team environment may not help you thrive:
          • Driving
          • Analytical
          • Perfectionist
          • Forceful
          • Competitive
          • Careful
          • Responsible
          • Determined
          • Orderly
          • Daring

Our Real Estate Agent position is designed to offer military spouses an opportunity to build a career in real estate with the strong support of an award-winning team.

We have a local office and conference rooms in San Antonio, but we’re set-up to support a remote team. You’ll have the flexibility to work from home with the support of an Agent Sponsor to help you navigate training with continued weekly support throughout your first year, a Contract Manager, a lead manager for weekly check-ins and support on your upcoming clients, transaction coordinators, marketing support, a listing coordinator, a real estate runner, client events, client gifts, database management, and so much more.

Our goal is to enhance how military families buy and sell homes. By connecting military families with our military real estate experts; they have a better chance of having a better PCS experience.

Sound like you’d be a good fit? Great! Apply below!

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