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American Corporate Partners (ACP) partners with more than 90 companies that have made commitments to hiring military service members and military spouses. Of all the partner companies we work with who recognize what an asset it is to have a military spouse as part of the team, one that stands out as a military spouse – friendly employer in particular is Johnson & Johnson.

Johnson & Johnson has been a partner of ACP since 2011 and as of February 2021, Johnson & Johnson mentors have had a combined total of almost 400 successful active duty spouse and veteran mentorships. Johnson & Johnson was a leading sponsor of the successful launch of ACP’s Active Duty Military Spouse Mentoring Program in 2018, providing ACP with a financial grant to support ACP’s efforts to hire additional staff to facilitate spouse mentorship pairs, and to identify a robust pool of military spouse mentors. 

Johnson & Johnson has not only been committed to supporting military spouses for years but has made an effort to adapt to the unique situations military spouses might find themselves in that could prevent them from landing a “conventional” role. In July of 2019, Johnson & Johnson joined the Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP), an initiative started by the Department of Defense to address issues of Military Spouse unemployment. For example, military spouses have an unemployment rate of 24% and make about 25% less than people whose partners are not in the military. When a company joins the MSEP program, they are making a conscious effort to combat these statistics. Johnson & Johnson posts job openings through the MSEP portal which can be accessed here. Right now, Johnson & Johnson is offering numerous telework positions, which is great news both for military spouses who are prone to moving more often than other counterparts. Joining MSEP builds on Johnson & Johnson’s already strong commitment to leveraging the skills and experiences of military spouses. 

ACP is grateful to have a military spouse – friendly employer partner like Johnson and Johnson and is proud to partner with a company whose values align so closely with its own. If you are the spouse of an Active Duty Service Member and are looking to take the next steps in your career––consider signing up for a free, year-long mentorship through ACP and be sure to look at all of MSEP’s partners to find out which companies are looking to hire military spouses like yourself.


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