In All, Do It Yourself

Whether a sale is pending, or as a homeowner, you prefer to make improvements to enjoy now and potentially sell the property later, the following DIY projects ensure money will be well spent and invested wisely.

1. Lawn and Yard. These areas are one of the first details potential buyers will notice. It’s also an upgrade that provides owners a feeling of instant gratification. The look of new sod brings curb appeal to new levels. If time permits, seeding and fertilizer can do wonders aesthetically.

2. Neutral Paint. It might seem boring to you, but buyers want to see a move in ready home, and this means paint they can customize later if so desired. Paint is inexpensive, but somewhat time consuming so making a plan to space out the application and dry times for each room is important.

3. Wood Flooring. There’s no getting around the wood floor phenomenon. New flooring doesn’t have to be solid hardwood, buyers would much rather have a high-quality laminate than wall to wall carpeting. Plus, laminate is easier and less expensive for DIY installation.

4. Bathrooms. Simple upgrades like new hardware and sink fixtures as well as lighting immediately add value to the house. Paint and decorative items such as framed mirrors also supply a big a bang for your buck.

5. Kitchens. It’s difficult to overspend on a kitchen update. New appliances, backsplash, flooring or wall treatment (remove wallpaper!) are all DIY projects that will garner a higher purchase price. This is the room buyers want to be wowed in. Even if a potential sale is in the distant future, homeowners will certainly enjoy any improvements to the heart of the home.

6. Ceilings. Ceilings might not be the first thing that comes to mind to prep for an open house. Unless they’re popcorn ceilings. Buyers hate them and will immediately be turned off by the look and the perceived money and time investment to remove the much-maligned texture. Even smooth ceilings can be spruced up by addressing water stains, cracks, and other blemishes.

7. Professional Staging. If a sale is in the near future, hiring a stager to tour your home and simply offer a list of suggestions and fixes before the listing will give owners a good idea of the projects ahead.

Implementing any or all of these suggestions will begin a successful journey to adding to most value to your home.

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