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Are you overwhelmed by the piles of things in your home office?

Do you need to get organized?

We’re here to help.  Here are a few tips to get your home office back on track.

1. Purge paper

For living in such a technologically advanced time we sure accumulate a ton of paper.  To organize your office, and keep your next PCS light(er) get rid of anything that doesn’t absolutely need to be in hard copy.  Scan anything that you still need to hang onto like receipts, rental agreements, and

2. Invest in containers and categorize

Buying containers that will only hold like things will help you keep clutter down and help you actually find what you’re looking for.

Category ideas:

  • Stickies (notes, tabs, stickers)
  • Tools (stapler, hole puncher, scissors)
  • Budget (checkbooks, calculator, bill calendar)
  • Writing tools (markers, pens, pencils)
  • Mail (envelopes, stamps, address labels)

3. Create a Life Binder

This is a must have for any military spouse. Between PCSing and deployments you need to keep important information together. For anything that can’t be scanned or thrown away, put in this binder.

To keep in life binder:

  • Medical records
  • Pet records
  • Home/ Rental Records
  • Passports, birth certificates, Social Security Cards
  • Military Orders

4. Get wall storage

Use your walls to organize paper like incoming mail to be sorted, outgoing mail, bills, tax info.  These papers will be off your desk (so your mind is clear) but still “out” to be organized later.

5. Clear off the desk every day.

After you’re done working in your office, remove everything form the desk.  Clearing your desk daily will keep things from piling up and keep you more organized.


Do you have any organizational hacks for your home office?  Let us know!

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