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As military spouses we have a unique opportunity to not only travel the world, but to live in multiple places.  With all of this moving and collecting memories, it’s no wonder that we like to display these adventures in our homes.

We’ve looked for a few ways that spouses love displaying their travels to give you some ideas for you own home.

4 Ways Military Spouses Display Their Travels in Their Homes

Display Travels1. A “Home is where the _____ sends us” wall.

Some spouses love these signs or displays featuring all of the places they’ve lived.  Some get very detailed, showing the city, military installation, and dates lived.  Others just display the state or country outline in a simple fashion.  Whatever your taste, this might be a fun way to portray all of your homes around the world.

How Military Spouses Display Their Travels in Their Homes2. Map with pushpins

Who doesn’t love a good map?  A map of the world or the U.S. is a great addition to any wall decor.  Add in some push pins or flags and you have a great way to show where you’ve lived or traveled.  This is also a great way to get your kids familiar with where you’re going or have been.

Display Travels3. Money displays

If you’ve collected currency on your travel you might be wondering what to do with it.  Sure, it’s cool but it’s just sitting in a drawer.  These displays let you show off your travel in a different way than a standard map.

Display Travels4. Photo galleries

Travel photos give a classic look to any room.  Add in that they’re YOU’RE photos and it’s personal, and a talking piece.  If you have some great shots, find a creative way to display them and share your travels with your guests.

How do you display your travels in your home?  Show us!

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