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Most people only interact with real estate agents a few times in their life (or if you’re military, maybe every few years), so it’s easy to get the wrong assumptions about the career and the life of an agent.  Today we’re going to dive into some real estate agent myths, and bust them, to hopefully clear up some of the misconceptions of the career.

1. Real Estate Agents are paid a salary (or they get kickbacks from Lenders, Title, Inspectors)

In reality, there is no base salary or reimbursement for the time and money they’ve spent working to buy or sell a home.  Many realtors go above and beyond for their customers before seeing a penny for their efforts.  Agents get paid a commission after the sale of the home.

2. The agent keeps all the commission

Speaking of commission, your agent doesn’t get paid all of that commission you might see in your paperwork.  The brokerage takes a small portion of the commission, plus other small fees, before the agent sees a penny.  They might not get paid for all of their time spent doing paperwork, taking people out to lunch or showing houses every weekend.

3. All agents are the same

How much difference could real estate agents be, really?  As in every profession, those who are committed, devoted, and passionate will make your experience a much better one.  Beyond passion to their job, not all realtors know the specifics of your life in the military. Agents with experience in your situation can make the process much smoother and less stressful.


Don’t forget that each agent in our network has been vetted to ensure they understand the subtle nuances of military life and PCSing. Get connected with us because we’ve already made sure your next agent knows your lifestyle, the VA loan process, and about military lenders.

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